Zombie Vurmaca (Ragdoll Zombie) android download

26 August 2013 | Category : Android Games | 825 read times.

Zombie Vurmaca (Ragdoll Zombie)

Our yapcağı ombi throwing things in the game is to kill or blasting.
You will receive points for each kill zombies in this puanarl the item yourself, etc.. able to get things.

As shown in this task in the game by making the zombies will kill the other zombie throwing or zombie killing of çalışacaksınz.
How fast the zombies in the game and very öldürrüse so many points that you'll be successful if.

Quite successful in the game if you do what you çıkarbilris stages.
The game's graphics and sound are quite successful efke is an android game in the first game of this style hoşlanıoyors indirerk keyilif immediately if new mothers yaşayabirlsiniiz.

Your thoughts on the game field below yazabilrisi.
Anadroid games we continue to follow.
Good for eğlecn.



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